Anyone can be in charge… but are you a leader?

I’m sure we’ve all had experiences with some great and some not-so-great leaders. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we automatically assume the title and role of “leader.” As such, it’s important to consider and purposefully develop yourself as a leader in your business, industry, and community.

After all,

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

-John Maxwell

To be an effective leader:

  1. Always follow through.

People remember when you commit to something and don’t deliver. Being a leader is about setting the tone for commitment and loyalty. Ignoring the importance of following through with your employees or colleagues can create an environment where that lack of follow through trickles down to interactions with your clients. I’m sure we can all agree, that is not an acceptable business practice!

  1. Admit when you’re wrong. And mean it.

And mean it. I’m serious. People can tell when you are disingenuous and they’ll resent you even more for it. Knowing when to admit you’re wrong will empower you and your coworkers. Acknowledge when you need to change strategies, try something new, and move on. People thrive when they feel respected and valued and that culture starts at the top!

  1. Share the spotlight.

You hired these people or collaborate with them for a reason. No one can do everything AND be the best at it. One of the best indicators of a true leader is knowing when and who to delegate tasks to. Leaders recognize and build up the strengths of those around them. Don’t forget to recognize those strengths and hard work!

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