If you follow my blog, or have caught one here or there, you may have read some tips on one of my favorite business development topics – efficient time management. I’ve gathered some of those individual topics here into one blog post…

Do you like what I did there? Efficiency at work 😉

  1. Batch your time. In case you haven’t heard, batching is a time-management strategy that maximizes your concentration and efficiency by grouping similar activities together. This is a great strategy for smaller, maintenance-type tasks, such as social media, email marketing, and blogging. Check out how I use time batching to increase my business productivity.
  1. Utilize KEY business tools. Everyone’s business and business needs are different, so be sure to carefully consider, compare, and even trial business tools or apps before you fully commit to one program or another. If you are looking for some recommendations of products I regularly use, look no further!
  1. Hire a consultant. When you started your business, I imagine you had 1-3 products or services in mind that you were passionate about. Those passions likely did not include the time it takes to develop your own website or manage your email subscription list. If you are quickly seeing that your time is becoming more and more about management and less and less about your original business goals, it might be time to ask yourself if you and your business are ready for a consultant.

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