Mission. Vision. Values.

Chances are when you were starting your company you agonized over the perfect words, nuance, and tone of those key components. Then, after many drafts, edits, and second (and third) pairs of eyes, you finally had the perfect mission statement.

Now that your company has progressed over time, think about when you last looked at or even considered your mission statement in a decision making process? Don’t lose sight of this important component! With everything you have your hand in, don’t forget to let your mission unite your brand.

Here are three points to consider when analyzing your mission statement:

Your mission statement ties your company together. So don’t underestimate its power. The same way you consider impact of the values and goals of companies you patron, potential customers may come or go based on your values. Likewise when developing, reworking, or implementing your mission statement, don’t overlook your employees. They are often the front line of your business so make sure they are invested!

Answer the why. When creating your mission statement, the first question you likely considered was why you are in business. What was your initial motivation for starting your company? What are your loftiest of goals and how will you get there? In crafting your mission statement, it’s important to convey to your employees, partners, and customers WHY you are in business.

Consider it in the decision making process. You’ve defined the “why,” now let it guide your decision making. I’m sure you’ve had to make an important decision or two over the years 😉 When you find yourself at an impasse, pull out your mission statement. It may be just the thing you need to push yourself in one direction or another.

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