Okay. Let’s be honest. Now that 2020 has happened to us all, I’m pretty sure everyone is still brushing the dust off and checking for damage while we say farewell. So many changes have occurred in such a short time that it might even seem like we don’t live on the same planet, or perhaps we’re not even sure who we actually are anymore.

Trust me. It’s the same you. 

As a small business owner, you had already experienced the ups and downs that can be an unexpected surprise; market changes – both downturns AND upturns – city and state legal requirements, financial stressors, or personal life events (and so much more!) can occur at any point in time and you have to pivot to meet them in order to succeed. It’s true, of course, that you would never have visualized 2020 itself as a remote possibility except as perhaps a movie script, but it happened. And guess what? You’re still standing!

Take a look around you and celebrate that reality. Embrace the fact that you are here, doing business, putting together fresh practices and habits, implementing new, stronger, and more versatile strategies to ensure that your business can handle whatever comes next. You dug deep inside yourself for the win! You have every right to be very proud of that achievement.

2020 has taught every single one of us things about ourselves and our abilities that we might never have guessed had this momentous time not occurred, and it also made us reconnect with skills and strengths that we forgot we had: the ability to care for others, the ability to persevere, to have faith, to not lose hope. All of these qualities are incredibly powerful in every type of circumstance and are especially vital to small business owners like you and me. 

2021 is upon us now, and while we’re all really relieved that 2020 is (finally) gone, remember that it’s still the same you. The same me. We survived. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am so excited to see and experience all the possibilities that this new year brings with it!

If you need assistance or information to help you meet 2021 head-on, give me a call so that we can connect and talk about the best ways to assist you in getting wherever you want to go. 

I’m Anna-Vija McClain, and I am committed to the small business community here in Nashville and beyond. I’ve created services and products that are specifically designed to help you as the owner of a smaller enterprise to strategize and build strong marketing plans so that you can achieve your business dreams and goals.