4 Steps Every Business Owner Can Take To Improve Their Bottom Line

As a savvy small business owner, you are always open to learning new ways to increase your earnings, and this attitude is extremely important to maintain when times are tough. It’s also important when the business environment is doing well since a healthy bottom line will allow you to build up emergency funds or maybe consider some expansion to your endeavor. 

Read on for 4 steps (and maybe a few more) every business owner can take to improve their bottom line: 


I know you’ve heard the old saying: “Work smarter, not harder.” It’s so often quoted because it’s so true. Many business owners think they have to do everything themselves, but that’s the perfect recipe for burnout. Surround yourself with people who are passionate about your vision and who have the skills and character necessary to help you reach your goals, and then hand them some tasks and projects! This will free you up for the planning, research, and networking that is so vital to a healthy business. Your team will appreciate your confidence in them and that will heighten their motivation to do a great job. You know what they say about teamwork – “it makes the dream work!”

Profit and Loss

If your sales are not where you would like them to be, evaluate your pricing model to see if it’s appropriate given the current market and environment. Check out your competitors and, based on what you find, consider making some changes to how you approach your own approach. You want your products and services to be valued correctly while also attracting customers by giving them great value for their money. 

Also, look over your expenses. Your overhead may be too high, or you may be spending too much on your advertising with a pretty dismal return. Unnecessary expenditures add up, no matter how small. Pay attention to supply purchases, energy bills, and inventory that isn’t going anywhere as a helpful method of cutting costs and raising your profit margin. If you are using credit cards or have taken out a business loan, make sure you keep an eye on interest costs. This is an area that your banker can help you assess so that you can make some better decisions going forward. 


This is something no one wants to do, but everyone does anyway. Get used to the idea that you will probably make more mistakes than you care to on your journey to your successes. A positive attitude will help you improve and keep you on track through all types of adversity.

Mentor Power

You are surrounded by people who are successful every single day, and each of them has something they could teach you about business from their own experiences. Connect with someone with whom you have a good rapport, someone you find it easy to talk to, and someone who has become who you want to be and/or has reached the places you want to go. Listen to their story and heed their advice. You will learn things you didn’t even know you didn’t know!

A few “extras”: Make sure you understand your demographics so that your marketing efforts are fruitful. Reach out to your community and your audience directly; the personal touch is powerful. And last but not least: Never stop learning. Not ever.
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